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30th-Apr-2009 12:45 pm - Stories

All great books are stories and all great religions have started with them so i would like to write a few that resemble the stories in the bible, complete bull that never actually happened except mine will give more meaning to people when you hear it instead of verses that aparently confuse people. (Christians, sorry for baggin but seriously, 20 years in the desert and everyonedies but moses.... thats a bit rediculous and him meating the devil in a cave, on a mountain, in the desert.... i mean wtf....)

 "And to him He says 'The waters will break and those below shall drown, climb your highest peaks and still you will be crushed. Only by standing with me will you be high above waters to watch as those without sight gaze in dark waters, those who do not listen hear only rushing waters, and those who never speak drown without words.' So he climbs the mountains as the waters rise and he reaches for the top never looking down. When he reaches that highest peak and turns to see as He sees there is nothing. He asks 'There is nothing but darkness in the wrold that I saw so clearly not moments ago.' And Jashin replies 'There is no need for light when all are blind. Only now can you see in the light that your world consumes in darkness."

We talk alot about whether jashin is evil or good and theres people on all three sides... the third being there is no good or evil but a balance of powers giving mercy or taking it away. I am a strong believer in Balance of Powers... I dont like saying im good but i also dont like saying im evil, Just with a deifferent kind of mercy to the people who wish for only an utstretched hand instead of the ground o place there feet.

This is an easy one to write about and i would like to hear your guys opinions. please post one comment to this, just one, and maybe one sentence about good and evil and your take on it. Even just post about the religion so i may see your views. If noone does then i dont think theres any point in me wasting my voice to an empty forest. I can no longer keep my hands in these flooded cities, i must finish my journey up this mountain so that I too may stand with Him on golden peaks only as the merciful beacon so that the crowds may someday gather and the flood waters finish washing filth from the land.For the people with questions abot the Jashin Doctrine. i found one that may be pretty good
The laws of pain:
1- those who do not join our religion will die by the hands of those who have.
2-You must harm yourself as dedication.(Pain= Pleasure)
3-For those who do not understand the pain of others have no right to inflict that pain elsewhere.
SImple down and yet the second does not mean stab yourself in the chest as stupid naruto fans yell about, it means know what pain is and show Jashin you revel in it
15th-Apr-2009 01:41 pm - A paper on Jashinism for school!
My name is Hope. (nice to meet ya! :D )
In my World Religions class we got an an assignment to write about any religion we thought interesting and I choose Jashinism because of how fast it seem to be spreading about.
But I need a little help writing since all I have for information about it comes from the Naruto manga and sites like you have made. (which I do so love!)
So here are some questions  that I would like to ask and if you have any way of answering them that would be great. (oh and if you know people who could help me out of give me info you can forward my email to them! revan1090@yahoo.com)

1. What are the main rules?
2. Has any bothered to make a official book on this?
3. What type of sacrifices can one make without getting in trouble with the law in your area?
4. What is the number of people being converted per year/day/month?
5. Do you think that it could become a real religion like Christianity?

Hope you get back to me!
23rd-Feb-2009 10:41 pm - Support

     Thank you to those who have commented, this ill be a weekly thing for me, especially thanks to Grape_Cherry who seems to be the only one listening. Though do to the circumstance isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to hear back from people i don't even know. : P I plan to Update this on Monday and Friday, around 8:00 PM, Western Mountain time (arizona) and possibly before that but i will do my best to post by 8:00. This is not a sermon and will post a sermon later tonight if anyone is interested but this is info. Contact me at ANY time to request something for me to talk about. Unlike what you may think i am only the fountain of hope that sits dull in this courtyard, you bring the water so i may glisten in the light and give life to everything around me. A beacon of hope may brighten a few, but each new follower brings darkness. Only through belief and understanding can we all become beacons and brighten the night sky with a fiery blaze. Jashinism does not mean that others are false, they are but misguided and preserve in the darkness. we have stepped into the light from that dark cave and slowly we pass as the rising sun to bring light to those dark in sight and mind. (Out of Sermon, Light does not mean goodness and kindness, Light is the knowledge of a gods word, Jashin brings light even though most think it dark and sinacle, He brings us knowledge to become immortal in mind and only with brightened minds may we become immortal in body.) 
    I will continue this later today, i will help guide those confused with my words,

More about me...

     I speak as much may seem to be more like a Christian sermon, in fact i was once a christian going to church. I was never into a god theory, always a thinking man. God cant really be proven to exist because he does not really do anything for us. We do things for ourselves to become better people in our own way.

     I will conclude myself today after much thought (about 2 hours meditating) and determine today's summary in some words i will quote myself saying... right now...

     "I am a fountain, cold stone in a courtyard of beautiful flowers, with ornaments decorating an abstract art. This is what we all are. Let Him pour through you the water that brings life to your gates and brightens a dull fountain. Without the water the fountain is cold stone, without the fountain the water is only a stream. Through one we have the other and through us life is given. Without the fountain life just lives, but as the life grows we begin to appreciate what the fountain offers. It is not something that just lets us survive, The fountain gives life and flourishes in the garden. Knowledge is light, water, and even light because without knowledge we are only the wanderers in the forest. The Garden is like a meadow, where we see Jashin is within ourselves and from Him we give others knowledge as I do now. Drink this water and you too may be a fountain, the givers of knowledge in mental or physical form teaches and guides all."

   This was a long talk and i am tired. Do not follow me as i teach you, make your own meanings and set forth from this what you believe, As Always: You will always be in a shadow of your leader, be the light and guide your own path. YAY MEANINGFUL WORDS, my brain ..... I am sorry ill try to come up with something more original and not so repetitive this coming firday....
15th-Feb-2009 07:13 pm - What are HIS words?

 I do not pretend to know Jashin and neither should anyone else. We here tend to talk a lot about sacrifices and many people give me questions on this that have began to make me think. What is the right way to do a sacrifice and what is it we are sacrificing? Well my good friends, we sacrifice whatever we believe is necessary, whether it involves something physical or spiritual. I can never get out of myself to become conclusive in anything, even if Jashin is our gods name or even if he is a god (blasphemes as it sounds). What we know is power gained and power earned through physical and spiritual means. Ever the thinking man I answer all those who have looked to me for answers and this is mine in a form of my Sermon a few days ago.

    "Look to Jashin, inside yourselves and in the elements and see yourself and your place in this world. You are in a forest with countless others and yet you only look to them for answers, i am among those who have chosen to walk out of the forest, and into meadows. look to the sky and see, stand on the earth and feel, if his word is to kill then it is His message. I see him among the trees and the faces of all of you, He is asking us questions we have not even begun to understand and we ask Him for advice? Even now you still listen, i see the whites of your eyes and it sickens me to think some linger on words of mortals and not on the tongues of themselves and there gods. 

    Recieve in what you wish for only the Day of Reckoning can take back what you believe, see inside yourselves and you may glimpse the face of our all mighty god Jashin and be praised for in others you find only solace in single minded fools bent on peace without chaos. for even through chaos is peace achieved when one believes as others believe (See. Gullivers Travels: A Voyage to Lilliput) it is not always chaos that destroys but the peace that comes through wide chaos.

     I'm at my end now, been up all night with questions, never sleep and never stop thinking, typing and speaking keep my in solace if you have not read my posts already then you should, they tend to be long winded. This keeps my mind of so i will be conducting more  discussions / sermons / posty's.
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Let the crack and sacrifices commence!
10th-Mar-2008 12:38 pm - Jashinism Rankings
football » spain
1. melloxchocolate 
1. starfishdance 
3. razzberridust : 55
4. makeitshallow : 50
4. smaaaaash23 : 50
6. kirikirimai : 40
6. anguisel : 40
8. nayanroo : 30
9. ahiru_duck : 20
9. deitchi : 20
11. kubikiri_hocho : 10
11. scarlet_pencil : 10
10th-Mar-2008 12:35 pm - Sacrificed List
football » spain
Here are the names of heathens our cult has sacrificed to the great Jashin-sama for the cleansing of humanity. To play a part in attaining this noble ideal, remember to vote in  the weekly sacrifice polls!

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